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"PARTNER GROUPS" - It is an international consulting group of independent companies whose scope of activities includes IT, Marketing and Consulting. The group of companies are united under a single brand, although geographically it covers different regions of the world.

We provide IT services, web development and internet marketing.

We create a unique product in the field of web projects for your business.


The main task is to help customers overcome their business challenges related to the organization of selling their services or goods, based on marketing and IT technologies. As well as expanding their business into international market in the fields of information and investment.

Working with PARTNER GROUP NETWORK" three topics are addressed simultaneously:

  • Integration of corporate projects to the international market.
  • Comprehensive business marketing of enterprise Internet resources (internet sites, facebook, intagram,LinkedIn and so on).
  • Development of business projects through a network of specialized companies in various regions of the world.

Operating since 2002 in advertising, consulting and IT services market

“PARTNER GROUPS“ has been able to gain significant experience working with clients from various countries.

“PARTNER GROUPS“ working in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, among others. The group provides various services in the areas of B2B and B2P, and provides its customers with modern solutions according to Internet technologies requirements.

In 2021 was opened a central office in Lithuania with the partner enterprise "Indo-Balt Chamber of Commerce”.

PARTNER GROUP NETWORK“ uniqueness are synthesis of business and charitable activities. Part of the profit goes to specific charity projects i.e. for families affected by the war in Ukraine.

The services provided are combined with quality work and competitive prices.


Partner Groups - a modern dynamically developing international company that offers a professional range of services in the field of IT technologies and marketing.
During the work, the company has gained considerable experience and was able to form a team of highly professional specialists.
Our team has implemented more than 500 Internet projects in various business sectors and of varying complexity.

In the field of IT, we do:

  • specialized B2B projects
  • Corporate websites
  • Information portals
  • Online stores
  • landing pages

We do in the field of advertising:

Quality development

Expert with great experience and clear understanding of the task set work at making projects

Design which sells

Creating design we don't work only at its visual picture but also on its marketing functions

Working marketing

Task setting for us is not attraction of clients but also promotion of their businesses

Our history goes back to 2004,at the dawn of mass development of IT having come all the way from narrow profile studio up to a full range agency,we have accumulated great experience and a lot of ideas for developing your business.

To day our team is made up of the highest level experts and we a ready to meet any challenge.