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Investment and business advice

Development of business plans

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Business consulting and development of business plans

For investors

Investment advice:

  • Operating business
  • Investment projects
  • Start Up projects
  • Property
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stock market, IPO
  • Other assets


  • Risk assessment, analysis of the information provided.
  • Selection of projects, purchase of a business.
  • Formation of an investment portfolio.
  • If necessary, support and control of projects.
  • Organization of international business, search for partners, registration of international companies, search for commercial and residential real estate.
  • Legal support.

Geography of projects: CIS countries, Europe.

For owners of Start Up and investment projects

  • Finding funding.
  • Search for partners and business angels.
  • Analysis of the project for investment attractiveness, risk assessment and economics.
  • Discussion of the concept of promoting information about the project on the Internet and specialized media.
  • Selling a business. Download Business Sale Form


  • Development of business plans and commercial proposals. Download Business Plan Form
  • Legal support.
  • Promotion of projects on the international and regional market.
  • Develop project presentations .
  • Search for foreign partners, creation of joint ventures.

Geography of funding search: CIS countries, Europe, Southeast Asia and America.

For business owners

Consultations in directions:

  • Finding funding and partners.
  • Scaling and international development
  • Organization of international business, search for a foreign partner.
  • Selling a business. Download Business Sale Form

We carry out express development of a business plan on an individual request, based on existing business models and marketing information. We draw up a business plan according to international standards.

Our Portfolio contains business plans for agribusiness and alternative energy projects, processing and trading enterprises.

Among our Clients and Partners are well-known regional, foreign and international companies.

We offer an individual approach to each client and to each task. You can order an extended business plan from us with protection in the Bank or before representatives of a potential Investor, a standard business plan, a standard business plan, as well as services for finalizing and processing information available to the Customer into a business plan.

When developing a business plan, we are guided by international standards, the requirements of a particular Bank or Investor, as well as government regulations.

We develop business plans according to international, internal corporate and banking standards.

of the investment project

1. Resume
1.1. Project goal
1.2. Directions for the use of investments
1.3. Compliance of the project with the strategic program documents of the state
1.4. Forecast volumes of production (goods, services)
1.5. Need for investment
1.6. The need to secure a land plot or the right to it for the implementation of the project
1.7. Key performance indicators of the project, including energy efficiency
1.8. Expertise findings in accordance with the law
2. General characteristics of the state and problems associated with the development of objects and subjects of investment activity
2.1. Characteristics of objects and subjects of investment activity
2.2. Characteristics of products (goods, services)
2.3. Results of the analysis of sales markets for products (goods, services)
2.4. Analysis of the competitive potential of the subject, including the identification of development opportunities, threats and problems in the activity
3. Marketing plan
5. Production plan
5.1. Equipment
5.2. Technology
5.3. Production volumes
6. Project Implementation Plan
6.1. Deadline for the introduction of fixed assets
6.2. Staffing
6.3. Organizational structure and project management
6.4. Infrastructure Development
6.5. Measures for environmental protection
6.6. Sources of project financing and payments under the obligations of the subject of investment activity
6.7. Guarantees and a return on investment scheme, if such a return is provided for by the project
7. Financial plan
8. Forecast of the economic and social effect of the project implementation
9. Forecast of revenues to budgets and state trust funds
10.Information about project risks, measures and risk insurance in cases provided by law
11. Applications

All documents and information that are not included in the main chapters are described in the appendices.

Download Business Plan Form

First of all, we develop and provide the Customer with a financial business model for approval. After the business model is approved, all the information received is formalized into a business plan. The customer receives the document in electronic form and financial models with working links.

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