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Promotion in social networks (SMM)

SMM&SMO – social media marketing (SMO – Social Media Optimization). The direction that allows you to work effectively in social networks is a real trend in the world of Internet marketing today. Millions of people visit social networks every day and spend from 1 to 6 hours there. That is why many business companies open their pages and create groups on social networks, considering them to be an effective medium for obtaining new customers.

What do we offer:

  • Creating the concept of SMO and SMM strategy based on the objectives of your business;
  • Promotion of information and sites in social networks networks;
  • Creating and promoting client pages;
  • Creation of thematic groups for the client's tasks;
  • Working with the site in terms of optimizing it for social networks;
  • Group graphic design;
  • Developing texts, news and legends about the launch of new products.

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